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Finding the right school for your child 

The right school, a bright future.

The education system in the UK is complicated.  Depending upon the route you have in mind for your child, you may be dealing with the local authority, or you may be looking to follow the independent, or private school route.  Every school has its own criteria and navigating these from overseas can be a challenge at the best of times.

Having worked with a wide range of preparatory and senior schools across the UK, I am here to support you through your journey.  

How can David Bell Educational help?

Initial Consultation  Our chance to meet, online or in person, talk about what matters - your child and your hopes and aspirations for them.  Are you looking for a highly academic environment or a more child-centric setting?  The range and choice of schools is baffling.  This way we can focus on finding the right school.

Academic assessment A vital stage in the application process.  By providing an initial assessment, based on the criteria schools are looking for, we will be able to narrow your search and find the right school.  I will provide the assessment materials, all you have to do is put some time aside for your child to complete them, then just return them to me.

Shortlisting  I will contact and discuss your application with a range of schools and create a shortlist based on what matters to you and your child.

End to End All schools have different requirements - some will ask your child to complete assessments, most will want to meet you and your child, and will ask for previous school reports.  Some may ask your child to complete a "taster" day.  It's important to schedule these "contact points" at a time that suits you.  You may only be in the UK for a few days, or you may not be able to visit in person.  Schools generally understand this and can schedule meetings on Zoom or similar.

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Early Years Placements

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Prep and Primary

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Senior School


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