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Many years of experience ensure that I can work with you to ensure the best choices and opportunities are available to your little ones.  Nurseries vary widely and whilst the Early Years and Foundation Stage tends to be followed in the vast majority of settings in the UK, an approach that strongly values the importance of learning through play, there is still a great variety of nurseries, pre-schools, and kindergartens.

Having restructured, established, and recruited for a range of Early Years settings over many years, I have come to the conclusion that choosing a setting for your youngest is a little like buying a house - you get that warm feeling when you walk into a room and you "just know".  By helping you search for that perfect place for your youngest, shortlisting, explaining the Government funding on offer in most settings, and arranging visits, I can support you throughout this process. 

If you are searching for a nursery or kindergarten place, please do get in touch or explore the support on offer as your child moves through their educational journey.




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